Chuo, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido wholesale market [the over-the-counter market] "north Ryoba" sends season of Hokkaido to "king crab" "salmon" "salmon roe" from Sapporo!

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Sapporo Central Wholesale Market over-the-counter market shop

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FAX 011-631-5745

North Ryoba group handling product

[marine products]

King crab, hairy crab, queen crab, Hanasaki queen crab, raw sea urchin, Pandalus nipponensis, sweet shrimp, live abalone, live scallop, scallops, squid, truth dako foot, Aramaki salmon, time salmon, sockeye, salmon child, soaked in secret mountain, salmon roe soy marinated, salting lightly salmon roe, cod child, Mentaiko, salted salmon roe, salted herring roe, seasoning herring roe, tobi child, seasoning sea tangle with herring roe, Rishiri product kelp, Rausu product kelp, Hidaka product kelp, a lot of kelp artefacts, a lot of salmon artefacts, Okhotsk product kinki, herring, a lot of dried fish including Hidaka product Spirinchus, Ika-shiokara, a lot of artefacts including soaked in Matsumae

[farm products]

Yubari melon, Hokkaido melon, green asparagus, white asparagus, Hokkaido potato, Hokkaido corn

[Hokkaido famous confection, dairy product, livestock products, drink, folk crafts, others]

Shiroikoibito, Royce, raw chocolate, Hokkaido butter, Hokkaido cheese, Jingisukan, Sapporo ramen

Chuo, Sapporo-shi wholesale market is kitchen of 1,960,000 citizens.
Rich seasonal seafood, articles of blessing of the north earth gather from each place of Hokkaido.
The adjacent "over-the-counter market" has approximately 60 stores and is full of citizen and tourists every day from early morning.

It is 48 years by true heart and trust

In approximately 60 "over-the-counter market" stores, north Ryoba group is area first shop by fresh articles, abundant assortment of goods.
The results that advocated true heart and trust, and were particular about taste for 48 years, and continued providing product which had high quality,
We had many visitors bring up into shop most.


Luxurious sashimi assortment: Dosanko-mori, 7,728 yen (8,500 yen including tax) Hokkai-mori, 18,000 yen (19,800 yen including tax) Big fishing boat, 27,091 yen (29,800 yen including tax)

Sapporo Central Wholesale Market - Crab market shop

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