Chuo, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido wholesale market [the over-the-counter market] "north Ryoba" sends season of Hokkaido to "king crab" "salmon" "salmon roe" from Sapporo!

North Ryoba. TV

We understand north Ryoba entirely!
Under video "north Ryoba.TV" delivery!

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Meal menu

Assortment of goods which is possible because it is our store running fish shop in the Sapporo, Hokkaido Central Wholesale Market over-the-counter market!
We do Kotobuki heartily every day and provide seafood at reasonable price!

There is "Ryoba Otaru store of Jan people sushi, the North Sea dish north" at spot leading, to be able to drop in at casually of Otaru canal street of popularity. We sell dairy product, local sake including seasonal marine products, farm products of Hokkaido in Otaru store. We do Kotobuki, and there is food court which can eat way of bowl and marine products, grilled length of farm products immediately on the spot, and there are 360 seats how when we put seat at a table, small up seats together! As menu is richness, openhearted shop, please use even party of child casually.

Ryoba of the Jan people dish north  Ryoba of the Jan people dish north

North Ryoba group handling product

[marine products]

King crab, hairy crab, queen crab, Hanasaki queen crab, raw sea urchin, Pandalus nipponensis, sweet shrimp, live abalone, live scallop, scallops, squid, truth dako foot, Aramaki salmon, time salmon, sockeye, salmon child, soaked in secret mountain, salmon roe soy marinated, salting lightly salmon roe, cod child, Mentaiko, salted salmon roe, salted herring roe, seasoning herring roe, tobi child, seasoning sea tangle with herring roe, Rishiri product kelp, Rausu product kelp, Hidaka product kelp, a lot of kelp artefacts, a lot of salmon artefacts, Okhotsk product kinki, herring, a lot of dried fish including Hidaka product Spirinchus, Ika-shiokara, a lot of artefacts including soaked in Matsumae

[farm products]

Yubari melon, Hokkaido melon, green asparagus, white asparagus, Hokkaido potato, Hokkaido corn

[Hokkaido famous confection, dairy product, livestock products, drink, folk crafts, others]

Shiroikoibito, Royce, raw chocolate, Hokkaido butter, Hokkaido cheese, Jingisukan, Sapporo ramen



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Bowl - large size

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Bowl - regular size

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Mini sea food bowl

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Three pieces of sushi

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Grilled food

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Ramen Japanese Eel Festival grilled red shrimp Skewered lamb roasted crab Drink menu 1 Drink menu 2 Otaru store annex menu

"Jan people dish "Ryoba of the north" Steak and Seafood (Maruse Ueda Products Co., Ltd.)

North Ryoba Otaru shop (Ueda product)

■ Address: 5-35 Sakaimachi, Otaru, Hokkaido
■ Telephone: 0134-31-3041
■ Email:
■Business hours:
11:00 a.m. ~ 5:00 p.m. (LO4 time)

Information for traffic

It is approximately 35 minutes by car (expressway) from the Sapporo city
 [Ryoba of the Sapporo west IC → expressway Otaru IC → north]
It is approximately 50 minutes by car (National highway No. 5) from the Sapporo city
It is approximately 13 minutes on foot from JR Otaru Station from north Ryoba

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